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Rift Leveling Guide: Your Number 1 Source For Leveling Fast in Rift

The most effective strategies will be revealed for leveling up quickly and easily in Rift within this guide. You will learn quickly that reaching level 50 is very easy even for a first timer. Going from quest hub to quest hub will earn you all the XP you need to level in minimal time. This guide will show you how to maximize your time in Rift in order to shortcut your way to level 50 through quest hubs. Between Rifts, Quests, PvP, Invasions, and dungeons, the player's choices can be left without direction during their level route choices. To avoid this pitfall, this guide was tailored to emphasize key tips and strategies in order to level your characters in lightning speed. In some instances, the following modules will serve as you best XP earning methods.

Questing will earn you most of your experience points throughout the game. It doesn't matter if you exceed or trail the average player's xp level, questing is required most of the time since all the other methods of leveling require other players to be present. NPC's, waypoints, and much more are marked on your map for ease of navigation. Quest areas give you quests that point you to the next questing area. This aspect of the game is important and you should be aware of it to level faster. Accepting a quest from one NPC will often lead to two or three neighboring NPC's immediately offering you supporting quests. These are known as chain quests and all of these linked quests must be accepted, completed, and turned in before advancing to the next quest group.

Always trying to perform quests a little lower level than yours makes questing quicker. Even if you are more than one or two levels above the quest's recommended range, you can still accomplish it for full XP gain. This makes questing much easier. This guide always recommends that you accomplish the quests that are within your level. If quests offered are higher than your current level, you should take a break from questing and try one of the other methods of XP gain.The advantage to this is that you can complete a quest a couple levels lower than you much quicker than those at or above your current level. You will complete quest objectives much quicker by killing mobs quicker.

For many, Rifts and Invasions are very rewarding. On one side of the coin, they can be one of the best ways to get XP, give awesome loot rewards as well as faction points, which would be loads of fun! At other times, you get virtually nothing and earn very little XP. A lot of players seemingly don't differentiate between the two. While accomplishing a Rift or Invasion, you gain a little amount of XP for destroying the mobs in the wave and a fairly big chunk of XP for finishing the Invasion or level in the Rift. You also get rewarded for all invasions or level of Rifts you complete. Because of this, the quicker you can complete invasions and rifts, the more XP you will gain. In other words, both of these are best achieved with large groups and large numbers of mobs.

In the event you are chasing Rifts and trying to do them solo, it would probably take you a long time to clear out each one. Earning a lot of XP will not be possible from this as much time is lost in between navigating rift to rift and struggling as you try to clear waves. Alternatively, imagine being in a twenty-man public raid during an invasion event. You can clear 10 Rifts or thirty+ invasions in one hour and earn HUGE amounts of XP, rep, and quest rewards. I recommend avoiding Rifts and single-enemy invasions unless you pass by them on the way to a quest and there are other players present. You should not attempt to solo rifts and do not "rift chase" while in groups - unless you are doing it for fun. Plus, one of the better Rift leveling tips to always remember is that invasions quickly drop off in the XP amount they reward if you are above their level. You should always try to seek out Rifts at or barely above your level to do while in groups. These provide the best XP by a mile. When you out level the current zone your in, rift events in the zone provide smaller rewards.

A lot of players out there prefer to spend their time in PvP and with the PvP dailies that are available, you could achieve HUGE experience gains. Maybe PvP is not your cup of tea? Well, since this one of our top leveling tips, the PvP dailies in rift can be huge and very rewarding. Although normal PvP doesn't yield as much XP as questing, it is still an effective and steady way to reach level 50 quickly.

You will have access to many dungeons in the game after reaching level 17. The dungeons are designed for 5 man groups and house powerful mobs who drop really nice loot. There are a few things to consider when it comes to leveling. First, when you run a dungeon for the first time, there are usually some quests you can get which make it worth your while. Realm of the Fae has three quests attached to it, one that provides a really nice weapon reward. It might take you thirty or forty-five minutes to run through it, you can get a full level between XP from the mobs and the related quests. Ultimately, you will always want to run every dungeon once as to complete the quests. Dungeons can be a great source of faction if you are getting close to reaching your next level of faction. Having said that, by running dungeons repeatedly for loot before you hit level 50, is a waste of your time. When you are leveling, you are going so quick that you are always replacing your gear. It's a waste of your time going over the same dungeon over and over in hopes for a certain item to drop.

Rift Tips Conclusion

Finally, here are a few Rift leveling tips to sum it all up:

* Grab and complete PvP dailies

* Participate in Rifts and Invasions when convenient

* Do each Dungeon one time to complete your quests

* Quest the rest of your time

Using these Rift game leveling tips, you can and will be certain that your leveling speed will be the fastest possible.

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Is It Worth It to Use a Rift Guide?

For MMORPG fans, the competition to the top is a never-ending story. The most heated competition usually takes place when the game is first launched; to be the very first player to hit the level cap. The thrills of knowing you are one of the very first to enter that dungeon, fight against that monster and share your experience about it to lower level players is indescribable. It's the feeling of pride and victory that drives us gamers to continue competing to be the first in everything (yes, I too am a gamer).

Gamers resort to all sorts of tools and support they can find to beat the competition. In Rift, leveling also means using money. As such, Rift gamers range from doing everything on their own, to buying gold from gold sellers, using macros and bots, or even power leveling services. All of this, risk getting the gamer's account banned.

When it becomes absolutely necessary to get help while playing Rift, the best way to go will have to be getting a game guide that contains 100% legit content; no hacks or any other illegal methods included. The ideal Rift strategy guide should share advanced Rift tactics to level up quickly, fly through all the important quest and provide expert's advise for setting up character abilities. Most importantly, the use of those Rift guides should not lead to any account bans.

Manuals that offer a complete dungeons overview, the best raiding tips as well as strategies to fight and make gold effectively would also come in very handy. Whether the use of a Rift guide (unofficial ones) can significantly boost a player's performance depends on many factors. The guide's content versus the retail price is one thing to consider but most importantly, it's vital to make sure that the use of any particular Rift guide does not put your account in jeopardy. Otherwise, it's leveling a new character from scratch again.

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Rift Game Level Cap - Rift Max Level Guide

If you want to level up as quickly as possible and hit the Rift level cap, then you need to read this article. In it, I will be revealing the fastest ways to hit Rift game max level!In Rift, the highest level you can currently go to is level 50. With that said, leveling up in Rift is actually not linear. Each time you level, you get a small stat boost, but you do not actually learn any new abilities.

Each level gives you 1-2 skill points which you can place into your soul trees. Depending on where you place your points depends on what abilities you unlock. For example, the Marksman's Deadeye Shot is unlocked by putting 8 points in the Marksman soul tree, regardless of level.

As mentioned, you do not actually get 1 skill point per level, sometimes you get two. The catch with this is that you can only put 1 point per level into a single soul tree. These extra soul points forces you to use at least two souls when building up your ultimate Rift character.

While there are a lot of different ways to earn experience points to level up, some ways are definitely faster than others. One of the fastest ways to level up in game is to participate in Rift events and invasions.

Sometimes when you are standing around the world, the skies will darken and large numbers of enemies will invade the area. There can often be 10-20 invasions in the same spot. Each time you defeat an invasion, you generally get experience points equal to the defeating about 3 or 4 monsters of your level.

As a result, you can earn thousands of experience points when you are in a large group battling against the invasions. During invasion events make sure you get in the public group and find a 20 person raid so you can earn a lot of experience points.

Furthermore, the PvP dailies offer a lot of experience points (much more than typical quests). If you can pick up a few daily PvP quests (found in Sanctum or Meridian) and win your match, you can earn the same amount of experience as several real-world quests in half the time!

Additionally, battling other players in PvP does offer some experience points (as does winning a Warfront match), so when you combine that with dailies, getting in your daily win is important to fast leveling.

With that said, there is a typical quest system that can take you to the Rift level cap. The quests are very easy to follow and there are plenty of them, so if you have no desire to battle against Rift enemies or other players, you can easily quest to the max level of 50.

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Rift Guardian Leveling Guide - Level Up Fast As A Guardian

If you are trying to find a good RIFT Guardian leveling guide that you can use to level up quickly then this article should point you in the right direction and help you out. I'm going to go over a couple tips that you can use to speed up your leveling quickly. Let's get started below:

How to level quickly, a few good habits that you should adopt

The first habit is basically grouping your quests up properly and not spreading yourself too thin. One huge mistake that a lot of people do is they accept one quest at a time, do them, and then go back and turn it in. After that they get another quest, and repeat the process. This is an obviously very slow method of questing, and you need to group up all your quests together so that you can maximize your experience per hour. This one tip will double or triple the amount of experience you get per hour.

Stick with the Guardians so you don't run into trouble

The early quest areas are all going to be in your own home area, but later on you're going to be forced to go outside of the comfort area. When this happens you may run into members of the Defiant, which will inevitably slow down your questing. Even if you don't fight each other, you will always be watching your back. So in order to fix this problem, you should stick to the high population areas that have a lot of Guardians in them.

Skip the hard quests and stick to easy ones

You can get hung up on a hard quest for a few minutes, sometimes an hour, so you should consider skipping them altogether. If you care about completion you can come back and do them at a higher level.

Download this RIFT Guardian leveling guide (step by step directions)

If you want step by step questing directions then this RIFT Guardian leveling guide is the best one you can find. Just visit their download page and you can download it within a few minutes.

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Rift Leveling Guide

Rift: Planes of Telara is an exciting new game developed by Trion Worlds which was released in early march. Thousands of players are already enjoying the game by participating in beta weekend events, and for the most part everyone is very excited for the actual release.

As the release date gets closer and closer the number of players looking for ways to quickly level up their characters is growing every day. Even though generally it is not too hard to level up in Rift, it still takes a significant amount of time, depending on how well you manage your questing, participating in Rift and other ways to level up. This is the number one problem for players, as most people prefer to level up by using one or two methods, you should in fact be combining various leveling methods in order to maximize your experience gain.

First of all, questing is a core part of every RPG game, and Rift is no exception. You should pick up and finish most quests you get because the give our a fairly decent amount of experience, as well as useful equipment that enables you to kill future monsters you encounter even easier.

Second, you have rifts and invasions. They are frequently found in the very areas you're doing quests in so participating in those events is easy as it won't take you too far from the questing areas. They give out very good amount of experience. Participating in invasions can sometime even get you an entire level worth of experience, along with really good items if your contribution is high enough. All rifts and invasions also give you planarite, which is used to purchase equipment.

Rifts, invasions and quests are the main ways for players to level up in Rift: Planes of Telara, but certainly not the only ones. There's also PvP (player versus player) combat which doesn't give out such high experience, but it a welcome change from the fairly repetitive quests and rifts. You can also do dungeons or instances: if you find a skilled group you'll clear it relatively fast and possibly gain very good items to equip your character with. And lastly there's grinding, which is the least preferred way to level up as it is very tedious and boring.

To level up fast in Rift you should combine all these methods. Is unlikely you'll be able to level up all the way to the cap by just doing quests, and it will become boring for you soon. Mixing as many of these leveling methods as you can will ensure your way to level 50 is as quick and painless as possible.

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Rift Leveling Guide Benefits

Rift: Planes of Telara is a new and exciting MMORPG game developed by Trion Worlds. It's a PvE focused game in which you'll be spending a lot of time leveling, clearing instances and having fun with randomly opened rifts: NPC invasions. Rift also has a great PvP system in which you can battle other players.

There were a lot of MMORPG games released over the past few years, none of which were highly successful. Rift on the other hand has a lot more potential, as even in the mid-beta the game was very polished. Once Rift is released, we can expect a complete product without bugs and other things that plague many different games. There's a lot of endgame content in this game and this article will tell you how you can get to the level cap as fast as possible.

As annoying and time consuming leveling can be, it is an important aspect of any online roleplaying game. Rift is no different, and the usual questing, grinding, instances, farming and PvP options are all present. However, regardless of the difficulty of leveling in Rift, many players have stormed through levels a lot faster than most others do, not because they know more about the game from playing beta, but because they followed a decent leveling guide which helps greatly when it comes to reaching the level cap.

There are several benefits of using leveling guides. Most importantly, they feature optimized leveling paths which will help speed up the process a great deal, and tell where, how and which quests to complete. If you ever get stuck on a quest and don't know where to go next, a quick look in the guide will reveal all the information you need. Not all quests have the same rewards as well, so you will always want to know which ones are worth completing and which ones are not. Additionally grinding is an inevitable part of all MMORPG games, but with a good leveling guide you will be able to skip this annoyance and focus on parts of the game which are more fun.

For these reasons, I'd recommend using a quality Rift leveling guide to all players. It will cut down your leveling time by at least half the time it would normally take, and it won't be nearly as boring or aggravating as it would be otherwise.

Rift Leveling Guide

Rift Leveling Guide - Learn How You Can Level Up On The Fastest Way

Here is a quick and simple RIFT leveling guide that you can use to learn more about how you can increase your leveling speed and reach the maximum level quickly. Let's get started below

Leveling in RIFT, very similar to other MMORPGs

RIFT is the newest and a highly evolved MMORPG. It's a great game and the questing is pretty awesome, because you can choose to do a lot of different things with each different character. For example, how you complete certain quests can change your future, and you can also master a lot of different aspects as you're questing. It's an essential part of the game, and one that shouldn't be overlooked

Don't quest in multiple places at once

You can speed up your questing by a ton if you quest in one zone, and even one hub, at a time. Instead of running around trying to quest for two different areas, you should focus on doing one thing at a time. This will severely speed up your time because you won't have to waste time turning quests in for different quest givers. You may increase your speed by 100% or 200% just with this one habit.

Skip tough quests and only do easy ones

Also skipping hard quests will definitely speed you up even more. Instead of wasting 2 hours on a hard quest, you can do 20 easy ones. This is something that will probably come with experience, but there are some lists of quests that you should be skipping that you can check out.

Here's a step by step RIFT leveling guide that you should follow

This RIFT leveling guide will show you exactly what quests you should be doing, and will guide you, step-by-step, how to do each one. For example you can easily see where the mobs are located and where the quest objectives are. The Best Guide available it the Rift Supremacy Leveling guide because it offers videos put together by top notch players and it will most definately show you what you need to know to level the fastest in Rift.

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