Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rift Guardian Leveling Guide - Level Up Fast As A Guardian

If you are trying to find a good RIFT Guardian leveling guide that you can use to level up quickly then this article should point you in the right direction and help you out. I'm going to go over a couple tips that you can use to speed up your leveling quickly. Let's get started below:

How to level quickly, a few good habits that you should adopt

The first habit is basically grouping your quests up properly and not spreading yourself too thin. One huge mistake that a lot of people do is they accept one quest at a time, do them, and then go back and turn it in. After that they get another quest, and repeat the process. This is an obviously very slow method of questing, and you need to group up all your quests together so that you can maximize your experience per hour. This one tip will double or triple the amount of experience you get per hour.

Stick with the Guardians so you don't run into trouble

The early quest areas are all going to be in your own home area, but later on you're going to be forced to go outside of the comfort area. When this happens you may run into members of the Defiant, which will inevitably slow down your questing. Even if you don't fight each other, you will always be watching your back. So in order to fix this problem, you should stick to the high population areas that have a lot of Guardians in them.

Skip the hard quests and stick to easy ones

You can get hung up on a hard quest for a few minutes, sometimes an hour, so you should consider skipping them altogether. If you care about completion you can come back and do them at a higher level.

Download this RIFT Guardian leveling guide (step by step directions)

If you want step by step questing directions then this RIFT Guardian leveling guide is the best one you can find. Just visit their download page and you can download it within a few minutes.

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