Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rift Leveling Guide - Learn How You Can Level Up On The Fastest Way

Here is a quick and simple RIFT leveling guide that you can use to learn more about how you can increase your leveling speed and reach the maximum level quickly. Let's get started below

Leveling in RIFT, very similar to other MMORPGs

RIFT is the newest and a highly evolved MMORPG. It's a great game and the questing is pretty awesome, because you can choose to do a lot of different things with each different character. For example, how you complete certain quests can change your future, and you can also master a lot of different aspects as you're questing. It's an essential part of the game, and one that shouldn't be overlooked

Don't quest in multiple places at once

You can speed up your questing by a ton if you quest in one zone, and even one hub, at a time. Instead of running around trying to quest for two different areas, you should focus on doing one thing at a time. This will severely speed up your time because you won't have to waste time turning quests in for different quest givers. You may increase your speed by 100% or 200% just with this one habit.

Skip tough quests and only do easy ones

Also skipping hard quests will definitely speed you up even more. Instead of wasting 2 hours on a hard quest, you can do 20 easy ones. This is something that will probably come with experience, but there are some lists of quests that you should be skipping that you can check out.

Here's a step by step RIFT leveling guide that you should follow

This RIFT leveling guide will show you exactly what quests you should be doing, and will guide you, step-by-step, how to do each one. For example you can easily see where the mobs are located and where the quest objectives are. The Best Guide available it the Rift Supremacy Leveling guide because it offers videos put together by top notch players and it will most definately show you what you need to know to level the fastest in Rift.

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