Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rift Leveling Guide

Rift: Planes of Telara is an exciting new game developed by Trion Worlds which was released in early march. Thousands of players are already enjoying the game by participating in beta weekend events, and for the most part everyone is very excited for the actual release.

As the release date gets closer and closer the number of players looking for ways to quickly level up their characters is growing every day. Even though generally it is not too hard to level up in Rift, it still takes a significant amount of time, depending on how well you manage your questing, participating in Rift and other ways to level up. This is the number one problem for players, as most people prefer to level up by using one or two methods, you should in fact be combining various leveling methods in order to maximize your experience gain.

First of all, questing is a core part of every RPG game, and Rift is no exception. You should pick up and finish most quests you get because the give our a fairly decent amount of experience, as well as useful equipment that enables you to kill future monsters you encounter even easier.

Second, you have rifts and invasions. They are frequently found in the very areas you're doing quests in so participating in those events is easy as it won't take you too far from the questing areas. They give out very good amount of experience. Participating in invasions can sometime even get you an entire level worth of experience, along with really good items if your contribution is high enough. All rifts and invasions also give you planarite, which is used to purchase equipment.

Rifts, invasions and quests are the main ways for players to level up in Rift: Planes of Telara, but certainly not the only ones. There's also PvP (player versus player) combat which doesn't give out such high experience, but it a welcome change from the fairly repetitive quests and rifts. You can also do dungeons or instances: if you find a skilled group you'll clear it relatively fast and possibly gain very good items to equip your character with. And lastly there's grinding, which is the least preferred way to level up as it is very tedious and boring.

To level up fast in Rift you should combine all these methods. Is unlikely you'll be able to level up all the way to the cap by just doing quests, and it will become boring for you soon. Mixing as many of these leveling methods as you can will ensure your way to level 50 is as quick and painless as possible.

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